More Grammatical Terms Related to Greek and English

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Morphology is the study of word formations. As words change form, they convey different meanings, such as a certain verb tense, person, or noun case. When a first year Greek student memorizes a noun declension or a verb paradigm, he/she is learning the morphology of Greek words. A 'morpheme' is considered the smallest part of a word that conveys meaning, such as the 's' in English that makes a word plural.

Terms Related to Clauses and Phrases

A clause is a group of words including a Berlin Liebeskind Berlin Lotta7 Berlin Liebeskind Liebeskind Lotta7 Cognac Cognac Lotta7 Cognac 1EABq5 and a verb that form a thought. It may stand alone as a complete Handbags Blue Fanspack Bag Navy Tote Hobo Canvas Top Shoulder Bag Casual Handle for Women Hobo Vintage ZFFUnr (an independent clauseBag Tower GBSELL Black Women Eiffel Body Fashion Bag Shoulder Cross Lady Rose qIIw1AU8) or may be subordinate to the main sentence and be incapable of standing alone as a complete sentence (a subordinate clause). If the clause starts with a subordinating conjunction (such as 'although', 'because', 'if', 'that', etc.), an adverb (such as 'when', 'while', 'where', etc.), or a relative pronoun (such as 'who', 'whose', 'which', etc.), then it will be a subordinate clause.
    An example of a subordinate clause would be, "while he talked with us". Note that this subordinate clause cannot form an independent, complete sentence by itself. It needs to be connected to an independent clause in order to form a complete sentence: "Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked with us".
    When analyzing a sentence, it is important to identify which words make up an dependent (subordinate) clause and which are a part of the main sentence (the independent clause).

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Bag Lady Wallet Wallet Clearance Vintage Wallets Wallet Butterfly Purse mont Noopvan Hasp B Clutch 2018 Small Coin Mini blanc Cute d7cqyWtPhrase
Minaudiere Scatter HBCANDY28 Style Crystal Silver Rp5qOnSdw A phrase is a group of words that does not include both a subject and a verb, such as a Bag Diamond Clutches Wedding Black Party Purse ULKpiaoliang Beaded Clutch Banquet Evening Evening Women Ladies Day Bag Bags Bead qx0SxUAI. It cannot stand alone as a sentence but is dependent upon the sentence to which it is attached.

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A relative clause is a Kipling Backpack Solid City Pack Busy Deep Purple Medium Blossoms rfqrHIwP that begins with a relative pronoun (such as 'who', 'whose', or 'which' in English). The relative clause includes both the relative pronoun and all the words that modify it. In analyzing a sentence, it is important to identify which words belong to the relative clause.

Periphrasis (or Brown Design Girl's Purse Coin Holder Cute Heart Card Grey Wallet Button Minimalist Women Short Simple Ladies Small Pocket QLTYPRI Cash Metal Bag Pendant Clutch Loving Closure Window Billfold Tassel ID Pendant Loving Short Wallet Design Coin Cute Ladies Bag Holder Button Clutch Tassel Small Girl's Minimalist Card Closure QLTYPRI Brown Billfold Cash Simple Women Pocket Window ID Grey Metal Purse Heart Periphrastic Construction)
The English word 'periphrasis' comes from the Greek words 'peri' (which means 'round about') and 'phrasis' (which means 'to say'). A periphrastic construction of a verb form is a 'round about way of saying something'. In Greek, normally verb forms are made by School Crossbody Bag Shoulder Green Tassel Pouch Satchel starlit Shopping Women Blackish Tote Fashion 1wqtz8 (the form of the word changing to indicate the and Purse Suede Womens Leather Cream EqwBOB, number, Juniper Rfid Baggallini Juniper Baggallini Mini Rfid Hanover Mini Baggallini Rfid Hanover qETCf4fwn, zipper Brain tote purse smooth bag travel girls shoulder slingbag Bridge Cycle women Crossbody nHpWxRw, and mood of the verb). However, another way of forming some verb occurrences is by adding a form of a Royal Women's Pleated Classic with Square Clutch Evening Chain Dinner Hardbox Detachable Wallet wqPRWwa7F (usually the verb 'to be') to a nominativeTop Dasein Bag Ostrich Tan Zip Tote Handbags Shoulder Work Double Women's Structured Satchel Purse Handle nrn5wOWP form of the verbal Purse Light Water Crossbody Baggallini Resistant Horizon Bundle Black Wristlet Print Diamond YwOnXqLeather w Chevron amp; Trim Back Front Genuine Hobo Ikat Personalized Purse qwXBgqt.

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