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Harold Holmyard
Carrier Disney Bourke 2015 Letter amp; Star Dooney Wars Purse Crossbody Arq4Aw Carrier Disney Bourke 2015 Letter amp; Star Dooney Wars Purse Crossbody Arq4Aw Carrier Disney Bourke 2015 Letter amp; Star Dooney Wars Purse Crossbody Arq4Aw
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Hi Pete,
> Can anyone help me with this? I've just started Mounces Graded reader,
> (Having just completed Dobson's NT greek, and A SummerGreek reader by
College Black01 Bags Satchel Knapsack for Leather Mogor PU Women Backpack Purse School q1w6vxS> self study), and I'm not sure of the answer to these questions:
> ------------------
Womens and Blue Shoulder Satchel Ladies Purses Bags Designer Bag Handbags Tote Top Handle ZqaZxr> 1 John 1:4 -
> What is the force of a periphrastic construction?
> Does context support giving this periphrastic construction it's historical
> force?
>Crossbody 2015 Dooney Carrier Wars Letter Bourke Purse Star Disney amp; I found the following quotes:Evening With Womens Wristlet Envelope Faux Chain Purse Clutch Leather Strap Shouder Handbag Bag Bag White qX4CUFX>
> First, regarding semantics, in classical Greek this construction was used to
> highlight aspectual force. By the Hellenistic era, and particularly in the
>Carrier Crossbody Dooney Purse 2015 Bourke Disney Letter Star amp; Wars NT, such emphasis is often, if not usually,lost. (Wallace)>   

HH: If you have Wallace, why don't you look at his other examples of the 
perfect periphrastic on p. 649 of Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics. If 
you don't have that book, see Lk 12:6; 2 Cor 4:3; and Eph 2:8. He treats 
them all as perfect passives. In 1 John 1:4 that would suggest a 
translation like "may be made complete."
>Dooney Disney Wars amp; Purse Star Crossbody Carrier Bourke Letter 2015 Originally it stressed the linear aspect of the verb. (Mounce)>Star Bourke Disney Dooney Wars Purse 2015 Crossbody Carrier amp; Letter > Does this mean that originally (i.e. in classical greek) a periphrastic
>Crossbody Letter Disney Wars Purse 2015 Dooney Star amp; Carrier Bourke Letter 2015 Bourke Crossbody amp; Dooney Carrier Star Purse Wars Disney construction transformed the aspect of> a perfect participle to progressive rather than perfective-stative. I.e.
>2015 Bourke Wars Letter Purse Dooney amp; Carrier Crossbody Star Disney that the action is still going> on (our joy is being made complete), rather than the action has occurred
> bringing about the resultant
> state (our joy is complete – because we have written this).

HH: In English a verbal phrase can be perfective and progressive: "I 
have been lying in the hammock." So perhaps it could be in Greek, too, 
but I accept that the linear force has lost its emphasis by NT times, 
mainly because that's what I've been told.
> What about context?
Black Crossbody Black COACH Smoke Sv Chelsea Womens PwnxICqAZ> Does the fact that GRAFOMEN is present tense, support the notion that in
> this case the pc
> should have a progressive aspect. (we are writing these things so that our
> joy will be made complete)

HH: I think that's the correct translation. I do not see any 
particularly progressive aspect in the way you have rendered it.

Harold Holmyard

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